If you look at any worthwhile element of any community, you will find many Masons serving, from Local Government to Rotary, Lions, volunteer fire brigades, in innumerable charity and community organisations. Of course, you can find many non-Masons equally involved. A primary teaching of Freemasonry is charity. As an organisation, Masonry involves itself directly in many charities, raising and donating large sums of money; and running such things as Freemason’s Homes for Elderly, and Masonic hospitals, which are open to all—one does not need to be a Mason or his family member to use these facilities.
Watch your thoughts, for they become words; Watch your words, as they become actions; Watch your actions, as they become habits; Watch your habits, as they become character; Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.” – Lao Tzu

Upcoming Events:

Next Meeting

Lodge Amalthea No. 914
$ 80
Refectory Fee
  • Saturday 22nd September 2018
  • Tiling at 4.30 pm
  • Working a 3rd Degree
  • Ladies Welcome
  • Fine Dining

Sir Robert Menzies

Sell Out Event!!
$ 135
Sir Robert Menzies
  • Special Guest Speaker
  • Melbourne Club
  • Black Tie Event
  • Fine Dining
  • Date T.B.A

Tasmania Visit

Obligation of Master Elect
$ 200
  • 17th & 18th November
  • Tiling Saturday at 5.30pm
  • Visit to MONA (Museum)
  • Port Arthur Tour
  • Salamanca Market

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